How to Promote a Brand on Facebook Without an Advertising Budget

How to Promote a Brand on Facebook Without an Advertising Budget


Brand promotion on social media is a long process. Especially if you have the time and desire, but the budget for promotion is tight. Facebook is an expensive social network to promote, but at the same time one of the most effective. What if you don’t have money, but you really need traffic from Facebook?

In free promotion, the main resource is time: hours, days, weeks, months spent on the site.

There are three options for developing your company on Facebook: personal profile, group, public (fan page).

Why not a personal profile?

It is generally difficult to promote with its help, because the purpose of this format is initially different:

Facebook will not allow you to use the words «shop», «cafe», «magazine» and so on in your first or last name. This means that for many regional businesses, a personal profile will be useless;
if the page is blocked, you will not be able to restore it (and all data, contacts, friends will be lost), since a passport is required to “resurrect” a profile, and no one has a passport for a fake name.

Why not a group?

— the group is a space for communication, not for business. A Facebook group is often referred to as a “moderated discussion chat”;
— if it is important to ask questions and build a discussion with subscribers, this is your option. But this happens very rarely;
— groups don’t target branding. The logo can only be placed on the group’s avatar;
— posts published in groups practically do not get into the news feed of subscribers. This is generally a sore point for everyone who works with Facebook;
— there are no contact information and geotags in the group;
— Facebook groups do not have statistics and analytics;
— You cannot set up targeted advertising for a group;
— the group is not indexed by search engines in any way;

Why a public fan page?

— public is a platform for sole broadcasting on behalf of the company. Communication, discussions on it are minimized;
— suitable for companies that talk about themselves. And also for celebrities and people planning to build a personal brand;
— the public has a cover (free ad banner) and an avatar. That is, the fan page is easy to brand;
— page is a public space. Subscribers come themselves and can subscribe without asking you about it;
— indexed by search engines;
— you can set up a geotag so that customers check in with you — an additional way to promote;
— in the public it is possible to customize blocks with contact information and reviews;
— the public page has statistics and private messages;
— it is possible to set up targeted advertising and lead subscribers to the public;
— all posts of subscribers can appear on the wall only with the approval of the administrator and after moderation;